We’re riding mixed-terrain in the dark.  All night.  It's that simple; it's just not easy.

This ride is truly like no other ride we've found.  This is out third annual mixed-terrain event that rolls from sun to sun.

Own the night.

Register for the Dutodari at Bikereg.com.


The Dusk to Dawn Ride is a very serious trial.  Sign up and participate only if you truly respect the challenge, your body, the landscape, and your equipment.

Qualifying for the Dusk to Dawn Ride

Any fit and competent cyclist can participate in the Dutodari.  However, this is a very difficult event.  If you haven't ridden a 5+ hour night ride before, or an off-road century, we suggest approaching this ride with trepidation.  Riding throughout the night on mixed-terrain feels about four times that amount of road riding in the daylight.

Overview information about the Dusk to Dawn Ride:

When:  June 24 & 25, 2017. From sunset on Saturday through sunrise on Sunday.  We depart at 8:25 pm -- sunset -- on Saturday evening.

What:  As the name stipulates:  Riding from dusk to dawn.  Actually, not to get too technical but really we’re riding from sundown to sunrise.  The ride is a set distance and you ride until you’re done.  A few people might make it to the finish before dawn but most riders are likely to see the sunrise along the course.  In addition to night riding, it’s important to know that about 50% of the ride will be on dirt - dirt roads, singletrack, fire roads, goat paths, and other terra incognita.

Where:  Heading out from Ride Studio Cafe in Lexington, MA.  Almost two-thirds of the way through the ride we'll meet at a big fire for a late dinner - and a recharging station.

Why:  It has to be done.  Night riding in the summer is about as good as it gets.

How:  Register at Bikereg.com.

Questions?  Email us at Overland Base Camp.

We hope you'll join us for this unique event.

Dusk to Dawn Divisions

Dusk to Dawn offers three ride divisions:

  1. Continuous Solo:  This division rolls all night long - continuously for the full 90-miles, with a few refueling stops along the way - including the Big Fire at about 55-miles.
  2. Camp Out:  This division rides about 55-miles to the Big Fire stop and then camps out for the evening.  Once the sun rises - or anytime before 10 am - you hop in the van or ride home on 23 easy miles of road.  This is a good test of your bikepacking equipment.
  3. Continuous Teams that consist of 3 - 8 riders:  Everyone on each team starts and finishes together.  All team members roll through each feed station together.  To register a team, include each participant's name in the notes field when registering. Also supply a team name.

Value:  More than you’re expecting.  This ride asks for a lot.  In return, we offer a lot.  Once you register for the Dusk to Dawn you will receive all the details you need to have a fun, safe, and memorable ride with us.  Here is a partial list of what you'll receive:

  • Too much food:  Pre-ride dinner, two late-night food stops, and post-ride breakfast.  All more food that anyone could possibly eat on a 10-hour ride.
  • Comprehensive ride support.  You won’t ever be too far from an organized stop, the service vehicle, and other riders.
  • A warm fire, warm food, and clean toilets at the mid-ride stop.
  • More caffeine that you’ll know what to do with.
  • Mandatory 3+ hour training ride night roll on dates to be shared once you've registered.  Fun for all.
  • Memories like no others.

Unusual Requirements to Ride the Dutodari

In addition to what you would bring with you for any 10-hour night ride, and in addition to the entry fee, there are two items we require participants to have.  Make sure you're up for the investment before registering for the Dusk to Dawn Ride.

  • Use a GPS Device that will get you through up to 14-hours of riding time.  The only way to navigate the route is with a dedicated GPS device -- like a Garmin 1000 or similar unit.  A Garmin 510 or lower is not recommended.  Anything from a 705 and up will be adequate -- from a routing standpoint but not necessarily from a battery life standpoint.
  • Bike lights -- headlight and taillight -- that will get you through 10-hours of darkeness.  Easier said than done.  Read OBC's recommendations on bike lights.
  • Mobile phone tracking app.  You'll install a free app on your phone that tracks your progress throughout the ride -- it helps ensure you're safe at all times and that we can find you at anytime.  Once you've registered for the D2D we'll send you details about which app and how to sign up for free.  You can easily uninstall the app after the ride.

Time Spent Riding In The Dark

That's pretty much all the time riding in the dark.


  • Distance:  About 90-miles
  • Elevation Gain:  About 6,500 feet
  • Terrain:  Mixed.  60% dirt; 40% pavement
  • Geography:  Suburban and some urban
  • Territory:  From deep woods to well traveled roads
  • Sky:  Dark

More Details About the Ride  

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