The Formidable is the toughest road ride in Massachusetts.  Last year's challenge proved this claim.  Join us and find out why The Formidable is Massachusetts' best trial of your riding mettle.

For the 2017 running of the Formidable we're running three routes, a route similar to the 2016 160-mile pavé ride, a century version, and the mixed-terrain category. 

Formidable Version

Pavé 160 Mile

Pavé 100 Mile

Terra Dirt Ride

Ground100% paved100% pavedMixed-Terrain: About 40% dirt and 60% pavé
Distance~160 Miles~100 Miles~120 Miles
Start PointRide from Ride Studio Cafe, Lexington, MABus to Start from Ride Headquarters, Sherborn, MABus to Start from Ride Headquarters, Sherborn, MA
End PointNorthampton, MANorthampton, MANorthampton, MA
Total Ascent~9,000 Feet~6,000 Feet~6,500 Feet
Cutoff Time14-hours12-hours14-hours
TerrainGood paved roads rural and exurbanGood paved roads rural and exurbanMixed-terrain: From abandoned access roads to well groomed dirt roads to great pavement
ChallengesFive Timed SectorsFive Timed SectorsFive Timed Sectors
More InfoComing soonComing soonComing soon

Before registering for either Formidable, ask yourself: 

  • Do I love a true cycling test of capability and character? 
  • Do I lean into challenges that most people shy away from? 
  • Do I appreciate suffering on the bike? 
  • Do I love to find my breaking point, and then push past it? 

If you answered 'yes' to some of these questions, The Formidable may be for you. 

The Formidable Pavé Ride is part gran fondo, part brevet, and part torture session.  It's called 'The Formidable' for a reason; make no mistake, this ride will break everyone that participates.  It is the most challenging road ride in Massachusetts. 

The Formidable Terra Ride is like nothing else.  This route enjoys the best paved roads of its Pavé sister, combined with the quiet dirt roads of middle Massachusetts, matched to the best singletrack in eastern Mass.  The closest event, in terms of terrain, is probably the Maneha 250. 

All the Formidable Rides Include

  • Neutral support vehicle
  • Breakfast before the start
  • Two food stops along the route
  • Dinner at the end of the ride
  • Five timed sector challenges
  • Multiple rider categories and divisions - so you can focus on your specialty
  • Bragging rights for a year - until the next riding of The Formidable

Additional items available for purchase

  • A custom Formidable Jersey. Design to be announced.
  • A custom Formidable T-Shirt. Design to be announced.

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Definition:  Formidable

for·mi·da·ble  \ˈfôrmədəb(ə)l\

  1. Causing fear, dread, awe, or admiration as a result of size, strength, or some other impressive quality; commanding respect;
  2. Causing wonder or astonishment
  3. Difficult to defeat or overcome

From the Latin formidare ‘to fear.’