Overview - Maneha 250, May 20-21, 2017

This is the ride that started it all.  First scouted in 2010, the Maneha has evolved into what we believe is the most interesting mixed-terrain ride in the United States.

The Maneha is a two-day one-night ride that covers 250-miles of the most diverse terrain in New England.  This ride is equal parts challenge and fun.

"I have so many great memories from this ride!" - P.L.


The Maneha 250 is a very serious trial.  Sign up and participate only if you truly respect the challenge, your body, the landscape, and your equipment.


What:  The Maneha 250 is a timed 250-mile bikepacking endurance ride on your choice of mixed-terrain or all pavement.  On the mixed-terrain route, we're riding everything from primitive 'goat trails' to good paved roads while the pavement route offers all asphalt for 250 miles.  We offer a full mixed-terrain ride or full pavement ride with six divisions in each - and two genders - for timekeeping purposes:

  1. Self-Sufficient Bikepacking Division:  You're carrying everything for the overnight - tent and clothing - except for the two breakfasts and dinners Overland Base Camp provides.
  2. Superflyweight Division:  OBC carries your tent and overnight gear to the Midway Campsite.  You carry whatever supplies you need for the riding portions only.
  3. Team Bikepacking Division:  You and your team-members carry sleeping equipment you need for the overnight.  OBC will supply dinner and breakfast.  See team requirements below.
  4. Team Superflyweight Division:  You and your team rides light -- carrying just what you need for the day's ride.  OBC carries all your overnight equipment.  See team requirements below.
  5. 125-Mile One-Way Saturday Division:  You ride up to the campsite with the crew on Saturday.  You stay for dinner, camp out that evening, and have breakfast with the crew before getting in the van for a ride back to the start.
  6. 125-Mile One-Way Sunday Division:  We transport you up to the campsite on Saturday afternoon for dinner, camp out, and breakfast on Sunday morning before you join the crew and ride south to the start.

When:  May 20 & 21, 2017.  Saturday and Sunday.  Start time:  5:00 am.  This is a two-day overnight ride.  Finish times will vary but most riders will finish between 5 pm and 10 pm on Sunday evening.

Where:  Starting at Ride Studio Cafe in Lexington Massachusetts, heading 125 miles away to Mayfair Farm in New Hampshire, staying overnight, and then riding back - on a different route - the next morning and ending back where we began.

Why:  This is a ride like no other.  It's the toughest multi-terrain ride in New England.

How:  Register at Bikereg.com.

  • Registration 
    • Solo Rider:  $275
    • Team Rider:  $245
    • One-Way Saturday Rider:  $195 -- camping with us and we drive you back the next morning.
    • One-Way Sunday Rider:  $195 -- we drive you up on Saturday for dinner and camping; you ride back with us on Sunday.
    • One-Way Saturday or Sunday Team: $165
    • Significant Other:  $55 -- not riding but joining us for dinner, camping out, and breakfast.  Significant others drive themselves to and from the campsite.
  • Registration closes at the end of May 17; don't miss the deadline!

Questions?  Email us.

Qualifying for the Maneha 250

Any fit and competent cyclist can participate in the Maneha 250.  However, this is a very difficult event.  If you haven't ridden a 400k road event before or an off-road century, we suggest approaching this ride with trepidation.  Riding 250-miles of mixed-terrain feels about three times that amount of road riding.

Interested in Riding with Us?

When you register for the Maneha 250 you will receive a PDF booklet with all the details about the event.  You'll also receive fortnightly emails with tips, updates, and images of the Maneha.  Details you'll receive include:

  • Route & Bike Notes:  This information will help you prepare your bike, mind, and spirit for the adventure ahead.  It includes recommended food and rest stops along the route.  The information also includes tips on how to navigate difficult trails.
  • Equipment Checklist:  This is a comprehensive list of what OBC requires participants to have on bike and body.  It also includes a list of items we find useful on self-supported multi-day rides.
  • Logistics:  The Maneha 250 is a complex event.  The Maneha logistics will make your ride a lot more fun.
  • Rules:  Read and memorize the rules.  This is a tough ride; the rules might just save your weekend.
  • Waiver:  This is a serious challenge; do it only if you truly respect the test, your body, the landscape, and your equipment.
  • Ongoing Updates:  The Overland Journal is a source for updates, tips, and recommendations to help you prepare for all that Maneha has to offer.  Once you've registered for the Maneha 250 you'll also receive fortnightly emails with the latest information about the event.

All details subject to change as conditions, weather, and the world develops.

The Investment and the Return

What you get for the price of registration?  This ride asks for a lot.  In return, we offer a lot.  Once you register for the Maneha 250 you will receive all the details you need to have a fun, safe, and memorable ride with us.  Here is a partial list of what you'll receive:

  • Support:  A roving support vehicle throughout the ride.  You'll be able to push yourself in ways that you wouldn't typically do on a solo self-supported ride.  Ride within your skill level but push your mind and spirit farther than you have before.
  • Campsite:  We have a fantastic campsite hosted by Mayfair Farm - with lots of food - for you at the halfway mark at 125 miles.  All participants have the option of camping with us overnight.
  • Camaraderie:  At the campsite, participants will be resting, refueling, and recalling tall tales from the trail.  While you're at the site the timing clock has stopped so enjoy the camaraderie of your fellow riders - before heading back out to the lonely roll.
  • Four Massive Gourmet Meals - And Dessert:  Pre-event meal; dinner on the first evening; breakfast before the second day's ride; dinner when you've completed the ride.  All the food you could possibly want.  Mayfair Farm is preparing vegan, vegetarian, and omnivore options.
  • Route:  GPX files of the entire route, with details about food stops and bike shops along the way.
  • Accomplishment:  Do something very few people have ever done:  250-miles of mixed-terrain in less than 48-hours.
  • Tips and Tricks:  You'll receive recommendations, advice, and insight into adventure riding, mixed-terrain navigation, overnight rides, and bikepacking.
  • Keepsake:  You'll receive a few unique items for riding the Maneha; these are unusual and useful.  We also offer a limited edition customized Maneha 250 2017 t-shirt.
"The OBC staff did a remarkable job on a complex event.  I can't wait until next year!" - C.B.

Route Statistics

  • Distance:  About 250 miles
  • Ride Type:  Extremely mixed-terrain.  This ride has just about every type imaginable - from perfect pavement to full-on mountain biking.  50% dirt; 50% pavement.
  • Elevation Gain:  About 14,000 feet
  • Territory:  Ranges from deep woods to town centers.

The Meaning of "Maneha 250"

Maneha:  [ˈmä-ʹ-jə]  An abbreviation of the two states through which the route meanders:  Massachusetts and New Hampshire.

250:  The total route distance in miles; about 125 miles on Saturday and about 125 miles on Sunday.

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Unusual Requirements to Ride the Maneha

In addition to what you would bring with you for a 48-hour bikepacking adventure, and in addition to the entry fee, there are a few items we require participants to have.  Make sure you're up for the investment before registering for the Maneha 250.

  • Own or rent a SPOT Tracker.  We can manage the sourcing of the SPOT if you'd like.  Rental of the SPOT Tracker is about $50.  The SPOT device provides OBC the ability to keep track of your progress and find you if you get in trouble.  It also provides public tracking so your friends can follow your progress throughout both days.
  • Use a GPS Device that will get you through up to 40 hours of riding time.  The only way to navigate the route is with a dedicated GPS device - like a Garmin 1000 or similar unit.
  • Camping gear:  You have to be able to camp out under the moon in whatever conditions nature hands up.  A tent, sleeping bag, and whatever else you think you'll need.  We can transport all that gear for you, or you can carry it yourself, your choice.

Team Participation

You can ride the Maneha 250 as a solo rider or with a team.  Both ways of participating are fantastic.  For those that prefer to share the challenge, each rider receives a $30 discount and can save money on SPOT trackers.  The requirements of riding with a team are simple:

  • A Maneha team consists of 3 to 6 riders.
  • Teams can include any combination of women, men, or other.
  • The team must have at least three GPS units.
  • The team rides together and finishes together.
  • If a team member can't complete the ride for any reason, all team members are responsible to ensure the exiting rider gets picked up by the Overland support vehicle.  Don't leave anyone alone at any time.