Nomad Three Day Bikepacking Adventure Ride

The Nomad Three Day Bikepacking Adventure Ride is precisely what it claims:  Three days of mixed-terrain adventure riding in the nomad style.  We're moving campsites each of the two overnights -- and we carry with us everything we need to have an amazing adventure.

For us, it's difficult to imagine a more fun ride than this.  It's a compact amount of time, it's all very rideable for experienced mixed-terrain riders, it gets us out in nature to decompress from the world around us, and we get to eat tons of food around a big campfire.  That's all we could possibly want.  We hope you feel the same way.

Join us for this simple group bikepacking ride that brings us back to nature.

If you haven't done a bikepacking trip before, this is a great way to start.  This is a fully supported event -- we have the campgrounds ready to go, we've got roving support vehicles, and we've got all the food worked out.  You just have to pedal and enjoy an amazing weekend that will have you hooked on bikepacking.

Here Is the Ride Schedule

Friday, July 21:  We depart at 6:30 pm and ride about 30-miles of mixed terrain, until dark, to the first campsite.  Dinner and a big fire will be waiting for you.   

Saturday, July 22:  Breakfast will be served beginning at 7:30 am.  We pack up and depart at 10:30 am.  We ride mixed-terrain all day until we arrive at the evening's next campsite by dusk.  We once again have an amazing dinner and fire for you.

Sunday, July 23:  One last big breakfast before we head back out onto the trail.  We're back to the start point by 4pm.

Nomad Ride Statistics

DayFriday, July 21Saturday, July 22 Sunday, July 23
Difficulty 1-103; it's 100% rideable5; it's 100% reideable4; it's 100% rideable
Distance~30 miles~60 miles~60 miles
TerritoryExurban & ruralSuburban & ruralSuburban & rural
Terrain50% pavement, 30% singletrack, 20% doubletrack40% pavement, 35% singletrack, 25% doubletrack50% pavement, 20% singletrack, 30% doubletrack
Elevation Gain~2,200 ft~4,400 ft~3,700 ft
Food IncludedDinner & trail foodsBreakfast, lunch, dinner, & trail foodsBreakfast, lunch, and trail food
Departure Times6:30 pm10:30 am9:30 am
Arrival Times9:30 pm at campground6:30 pm at campground4:30 pm at finish

We think that is a perfect weekend.

Registration Includes

  • Two evenings of campsites paid in advance.  We have multiple sites next to each other.  First riders get first choice of sites.
  • Two huge dinners:  Omnivore, vegan, and gluten free options provided.  More food than you could possibly eat
  • Two big breakfasts:  More food than anyone could finish.  Omnivore, vegan, and gluten free options available.
  • Two lunches on the trail.
  • Endless trail foods, water, and hydration options.
  • GPS routes for each of the three days.
  • Roving support vehicle.  You'll never get lost or get into trouble.
  • Keepsake eligibility:  You'll have the option to purchase a Custom Overland Nomad "Alldana."  A unique item that serves as a napkin, a towel, a neckerchief, bandana, a water filter, a work space, a utility holder, and more.  Perfect for multi-day trips in the wild.

Registration - Register Here

Bikepacker categories: pricing listed in grid below

  • Nomadic Solo Bikepacking
  • Nomadic Bikepacking Team -- Teams of 3 to 8 riders

Visitor Categories:

Invite Your Spouse Or Partner -- Register

Camping out is a great time -- whether you're riding or not.  If you're riding solo for this adventure, you are welcome to invite your significant other to join the overnights for dinner, sleeping, and breakfast.  They don't have to ride, they can come just to enjoy a quite evening under the stars.  It's like a mini vacation!

  • Friday overnight - includes dinner Friday night and breakfast Saturday morning
  • Saturday overnight - includes dinner Saturday night and breakfast Sunday morning
  • Both overnights
Solo BikepackingTeam BikepackingSignificant Other
Overnight, 1 night
Significant Other
Overnight, both nights

You Are Responsible For Bikepacking With:

  • Tent or whatever you want to sleep in
  • Sleeping bag or however you plan to sleep
  • Anything else you think you want to carry.  Once you register we will send you a list of all the items we tend to carry on multi-day bikepacking adventures.
  • Eating and drinking utensils.  We're providing all the food; you provide the containers from which to eat hot foods.  We'll provide you a recommended list once you register.
  • Multi-day riding toolkit and repair supplies.  See our recommendation here.

Join us for three days and two nights of beautiful bikepacking in eastern Massachusetts at the perfect time of year.

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