Parking in Sherborn

For Rides That Depart from Ride Headquarters

11 South Main Street, Sherborn, MA 01770

413-461-RIDE is (413) 461-7433

Daytime Parking

RHQ has lots of parking options:

Overnight Parking

Lots of Overland rides take more than one day to complete, because of this it's important to park in spots that won't get you towed.

Overnight parking is a bit unusual - but simple:

Do park in our parking lot.

Do park on side streets.  Be respectful of homes, sidewalks, and front lawns.  Our preferred streets are Sanger Steet and Sawin Street -- see above for details.  Any of the neighborhood roads near Ride Headquarters are fine for all day and all-night parking unless there is a sign that indicates otherwise.

Do NOT park across the street in the church lot because this lot is off limits on Sundays between 6am and 2pm.  Most Overldand overnight ride projects include Sundays so it's not a good place to park.  You will get towed on Sundays from the lot.


Sherborn, MA is a very safe town.  Regardless, don't leave any valuables in your vehicle.  You can leave items with Ride Headquarters -- as long as you ensure that HQ will be open when you return from your ride.