Promoting Your Participation Through Social Media

Sometimes Overland Base Camp does promotional work, participates in social media, writes in our journal, and - for some events - tracks riders with Trackleaders.  On those occasions we would like the opportunity to promote you and your riding with people that follow OBC and related projects.  To that end, please tell us what, if anything, you're comfortable with us sharing with the world.

The information we ask you to provide here is optional. If you complete this form, it means you're providing us rights to promote you using the information you've provided here.

Make sure that you include here only information that you're comfortable with being public, and with the entire world knowing.

We will not sell this information or do anything else with it other than promote you and what you do.

Any personal information you've shared with OBC in other contexts - signing liability waivers, signing-up for the OBC newsletter, and anything else - we keep confidential and private.

Name *
This field is so that we know who's contacting up. We don't share your name unless you want us too. See below for details.
OBC defaults to using first name and last initial. However, if you prefer, we can use your social media handle, only your initials, only your first name, or your first and last name. Let us know your preference. Examples: "K.V.", "Kurt", "Kurt V.", or "Kurt Vonnegut".
Please provide us your preferred personal website, blog, or social media site. If you have more than one that you'd like us to use, you are welcome to add them in the Questions or Comments form below.
Do you ride with a team or club? Share the name and website with us.
Some of our events pull riders from all over. It can be fun for people to know where you're from. Additionally, for Trackleader - our SPOT tracking partner - they ask for your home town; this is not required but if you'd like to represent your home town, please provide us this info.
This section is required so that we don't miss any possible note about what you're comfortable or uncomfortable sharing. Remember, this entire page is optional; if you're not comfortable sharing the information above publicly, please don't submit or complete any portion of this form.