Formidable Pavé Jersey Deisgn

We're really excited about the 2015 Formidable Pave Ride Project.  It's turned into a big ride that's going to be really challenging.  

The jersey design matches well to the spirit of the ride:  solid, serious, dark, and well made.  Each Formidable participant receives this jersey.

This is a special edition jersey, made in Italy, and finished in New England.  It's only available for Formidable registrants.  

This customized jersey would retail for $220.  The price of registration is only $95.  You do the math.  It's probably worth signing up for the jersey alone -- even if you don't ride!  But of course, we want you to ride with us, too!  We hope to see you at the Formidable Pavé Ride.


Jersey: made in Italy, by our friends at Velocio Cycling Apparel.  

Designer:  Overland Base Camp