Dusk to Dawn Ride: Unique?

We’ve been doing some research and we’ve not been able to find a ride like Dusk to Dawn anywhere in the US.  We're surprised by this.  we’ll keep looking; if anyone knows of a similar kind of ride, please let us know.

Key defining characteristics of the Dutodari:

  • Timing - Only In the Dark:  We leave at sunset and wrap up at sunrise.  There are many 24-hour races and 1,200k rides, but none I can find that only roll in the dark.  Every 12-hour race I can find takes place in daylight.
  • Mixed Terrain:  Paved roads, dirt roads, singletrack, goat paths.  The Dutodari is about 50% pavement with the rest a mix of all types of dirt.  The closest types of night rides I can find are pure mountain bike or pure randonee.  No ride can I find has every type of terrain.
  • Route:  The Dusk to Dawn route is one big loop.  Most 24-hour races are laps - often of about an hour or so - designed for teams, safety, and overall ease of management.  We at the Dutodari like to make everything difficult to manage, therefore one large loop is the prescription.
  • Riding the Full Distance:  Many overnight organized offroad races are designed for teams that take turns on laps.  In this case, with on laps, each rider tests solo mettle.
  • Well Supported:  We have three well stocked food stops planned.  We also have an emergency vehicle on the course for safety.
  • Dusk to Dawn is a ride.  The closest corollaries I can find are races or timed events. Dutodari is a ride where the only clock is the sun’s movement under you and your own personal goals.