Maneha 250: Tour Divide Preparation

One of the original intentions behind Overland Base Camp's Maneha 250 ride was to create a warm up test for those brave souls riding the Tour Divide.  The Divide is one of the rides to which we aspire; it's a 2,745 mile mixed-terrain ride that rolls from Banff, Canada, south to the Mexican border at Antelope Wells, New Mexico.  The ride follows the Great Divide.

The Maneha 250 is the only organized ride in New England that is a suitable gear and body test for the Tour Divide.  The Maneha offers every type of terrain, every kind of riding possible, and about as many miles each of the two days - 125 miles - as the better Divide riders complete each day.

The primary reason that the Maneha 250 offers two ride categories - one being Bikepacking - is for the express purpose of testing your equipment in a setting similar to Tour Divide.  You carry everything you'll need for the Tour; we're certain you'll learn a thing or two about how to improve your setup - what not to bring, packing more effectively, how to attach gear so it won't rattle lose, and more.

Make no mistake, the Tour Divide is unlike anything else in the United States, and the Maneha makes no claim to compare to the Divide.  But, if you're rolling the Divide in June, the Maneha is the only ride in the area that provides a platform for testing body, mind, spirit, and equipment in a setting similar the Divide.  fortunately, the Maneha provides full support so you can push harder and further than you would on a solo test.

We chose the weekend of May 9 and 10 because it's a month before Tour Divide.  This provides nearly five more weeks of modifying and fine-tuning your gear setup after a hard test on Maneha.

If you're doing the Divide this year, join us on the Maneha 250!  We think you'll find the investment worthwhile.

Prepare to ride on.