Finding The Right Trails

Garmin Says:  "Continue to Alley."  Now that's my kind of ride!

People very often ask us how we find all these fantastic trails.  How we map the hundreds of local trail sectors is complicated and time consuming.  One of the many tools of the trade is a Garmin 705 or higher.  It really is one of the best tools for the job.  We also use a pen and paper, paper maps, mapping software, and a few other disparate tools.

Used in creative ways, your Garmin can really set you free and fundamentally change the way you ride.  It definitely has changed the way we ride, route, explore, and enjoy.  Garmins get a lot of flack for lots of good reasons, but we wouldn't trade ours in for anything.  Some people seem to suggest that riders become slaves to their Garmins.  I suppose that could be true.  But, what's true for Overland Base Camp is that it really is a tool for accelerating freedom.  We get to ride and share more trails faster and in a more fun way than we otherwise could.

Do your electronics set you free or tie you down?  Which of yours do what for your riding enjoyment?