Meaning of Maneha

The Meaning of "Maneha 250"

Maneha:  [ˈmä-ʹ-jə]  An abbreviation of the two states through which the route meanders:  Massachusetts and New Hampshire.

250:  The total route distance in miles; 125 miles on Saturday and 125 miles on Sunday.

Other meanings of Maneha:

  • Arabic meaning:  “Pretty & beautiful” when referring to a woman, or “good & well” as her response when greeted.
  • Sudanese meaning:  You.
  • Malay meaning:  Again.
  • Javanese meaning:  Again.
  • Sesotho meaning:  Overlaid.

Meaning of Maneja:  Spanish for 'to handle or take charge of.'

The final meaning we have for it is an awesome ride that'll bend your mind in new ways.