Reduction: Maneha 250, 9 & 10 May 2015


The Maneha 250 ended less than 24-hours ago.  We have no idea where to begin, so we'll just dig right in.

At 5:15 am on Saturday morning, the Maneha 250 riders rolled out, en masse, in the pitch dark; at about 9:45 pm on Sunday evening the final rider rolled over the finish line, in the darkness.  The 40-plus hours between those markers were some of the best moments we've ever had on a bike project.

There's so much to say, and show, that we're going to do this in a series of journal entries, otherwise it'll never happen.  Today, a very brief summary of the event, with some photos.  Tomorrow we'll post images and words from the Maneha participants.  After that we'll write a more in depth piece about the event.  Then we'll post images and words about the participants' bikes.  And finally we'll post our reflections on this year and our plans for next year's running of the Maneha 250.  And maybe more.

Without a doubt, the Maneha 250 was one of the funnest, most rewarding projects we've ever had the good fortune to work on.  It was an honor to watch and support each and every rider.  We learned so much from this rare-breed crew in two short days.

Here are ten images that express a small portion of the ride:

"Oh Look, Another Hill."

The Smile Train:  From left to right - Matt O'Keefe, Cris Rothfuss, Dan St.Croix, and Roger Cadman.

On The Narrow Red Bridge:  With Rami H., Patria L., and Lee G.

On the road with Jenny Wojewoda, Patria L., Lee G., and Leon P.

Solo At DuskEric S. with 10-miles to go until dinner and sleep.

The Moon Is Our Nightlight:  Midway Campsite at Mayfair Farm.

Strategy Before Sunrise:  Some of the Manehars discuss the day's plan during the 5:00 am breakfast.

The 250-Mile Superflyweight Division Record Setters - lead by Matt Roy and Greg Marchand.

The Forest Road :   Daniel Mutz  had the car-less roads, and remote trails, to himself for many miles.  He did the Long Ride:  250-mile Bikepacking Division.

The Forest RoadDaniel Mutz had the car-less roads, and remote trails, to himself for many miles.  He did the Long Ride:  250-mile Bikepacking Division.

The 250-Mile Bikepacking Division:  The leaders - Matt O'Keefe and Brad Smith - with only 50-miles to go.

Photos and text can't really do the ride justice.  Regardless, we'll share more in future journal entries.  For now:

Don't forget:  The Maneha 2016 is right around the corner!

Thank Yous

Thank you to every single rider that signed up for this event without really know what was going to happen.  Everyone had an amazing attitude about a super difficult ride.  Waking up at 3 am, riding well after dark, climbing yet another hill - the kind of situations that frustrate most of us, seemed to bring out the best in the entire group of riders.  We are so proud to have been with you for that special weekend.

Thank you to everyone that made this project possible: 

  • Patria Lanfranchi for believing the Maneha 250 could happen, when it was clearly all utterly impossible.  And for supporting OBC on the many late nights and the stupid early mornings.
  • Chantal Boxer for managing the Gordian knot of the endless logistics, all the front-line support, belief it could happen, and true professionalism.
  • Mayfair Farm, for the incredible food, hospitality, and location.  And piglet and billies.
  • Jennifer Miller for providing the original inspiration; I blame you for all of this.
  • Lauren Chighisola for helping with equipment, doing a lot of the driving, and keeping people safe.
  • And everyone else that made this thing happen!