Dusk to Dawn Ride Options: Continous & Campout

We've added a division for the Dusk to Dawn Ride!  Some people have requested a shorter, more humane option; here it is:

Campout Division

All aspects of the Campout division are identical to the Continuous division, with these exceptions:

  • Shorter:  The Big Fire dinner-breakfast station at about mile 55 is the Campout Finish, whereas the Big Fire is a stop along the way for the Continuous Division.
  • Sleep:  At the Big Fire you can get some rest, and even some sleep.
  • Provisions Transported:  You provide Overland Base Camp with whatever overnight gear you'd like to have a the Big Fire.  The popular items tend to include:  tent, sleeping bag, change of clothes, toiletries, and whatever else you need for a few good hours of sleep.
  • More Time to Eat:  You can probably eat a lot more than riders that have to head back out on the trail after a feed break.
  • More Feeding Opportunities:  You will probably have time for a breakfast before the van rolls on home.
  • Easy Ride or Van:  We have two options to get you home:  1)  a road ride route for those that want to ride the rest of the way back to the start at Ride Studio Cafe; or 2) a van ride back to the start for those that ate way too much food for dinner or breakfast.


Since the registration price for both Continuous and Campout are the same, you can choose your preferred option when you get to the Big Fire - choose to sleep or keep riding.  However, the decision making will be a lot better if you've provided overnight gear to OBC prior to the event.  Once you register you'll receive all the details you'll want to know for both divisions.

Join us for this unique event!  Register for The Dusk to Dawn Ride at bikereg.com.