Dusk to Dawn: Team Division

We've added a Team division to the Dusk to Dawn Ride.  The primary reasons we've included this offering are:

  1. Safety:  Riding with a team ensures that you won't ever be riding alone.
  2. Cost Savings:  The team gets to share the cost of a single SPOT tracker; only one rider on the team needs to have a SPOT - because, by definition, the team has to stay together.  Instead of the SPOT costing each rider $50; if you spread the cost of a single unit between 3 - 6 riders so the individual price is between $9 and $17.

Team Definition & Rules

Dusk to Dawn teams are very simple:

  • All team members ride together.  Start, finish, and at all the designated Dutodari stops the team has to be together.  One of the reasons for this is the SPOT tracker.  If a rider get's dropped, we wouldn't be able to track that person; that's against the rules.
  • The team has to be 3 - 6 riders.
  • You provide the team members: find 2 - 5 cycling friends that are up for the funnest mixed-terrain challenge; then sign up.

Sign up to learn all the details for a Dutodari team now at bikereg.com!