The Formidable Ride 2016 Happened

Thank you to Ride Headquarters & Ride Studio Cafe for their help and support! 

Thank you to all the riders for coming out and supporting Overland Base Camp.

Some feedback from riders:

  • We loved this road around the cornfields. Todd said "it's like a big warm hug from Northampton." And yes, we went right up the hill in the dark, and were rewarded with a view of the twinkling city far below. Magic. All of it. - Cris R.
  • Absolutely the best day, ride, support, and route incorporated into the Formidable Terra Ride. - Patria V.
  • Thanks for organizing and executing a most excellent ride! - Rich C.
  •  I had a great time. Well no. It was a great ride. Now I need to rest. - Doug C.
  • Big thanks to everyone that made the formidable ride a possibility. It was a great route, and well organized. - Matthew S.
  • Definitely worth traveling from Texas! Glad I got to participate in the Pave 160. Had a blast! - Brian O.
  • I would like to thank all of the Overland Base Camp crew for an excellently run event; from the food to the gps files, transportation and embroidered jersey. The crew was always helpful, smiling and willing to answer all my questions. The route was very scenic with minimal traffic issues. - James B.
  • Fantastically organized and executed ride yesterday. Formidable indeed! - Jeff D.