Winter is upon us.

Winter is upon us which means we’re counting down to another incredible Wintertide ride on Saturday, February 18th – regardless of the conditions, we’ll be out there riding.

True to reputation, our 2016 Wintertide ride provided us with a last minute challenge – but this time for our scouting team.  Due to the conditions of local trails, our scouting team decided to change the ride from a mixed-terrain ride to an all road ride.  We, like our riders, greatly value the condition of our local trails and do our best to preserve them.  Due to wet weather and warming temperatures, having a large group such as ours ride on the trails may have caused damage.  So our team headed out on Friday and scouted a new route – one which proved to be unique, beautiful and in the spirit of Wintertide, demanding.

The Quiet Brook in Snow - photo - Rob Vandermark.JPG

This year, riders will again depart Wintertide Base Camp after a large, hot breakfast spread.  Challenging themselves on either our 90 mile, 60 mile or 45 mile route, riders will encounter a full hot lunch served mid-course.  With plenty of provisions stops along the way, riders will have many chances to get dry and warm-up along the route.  And while riders will be physically fatigued, they’ll arrive back to Wintertide Base Camp to find a gourmet, homemade dinner, fireside.  As always, there will be cold beer and plenty of storytelling as riders warm up next to the blaze, reveling in a trial overcome.

Wintertide is a chance to test your limits with support – a rest stop every 15 miles and a support vehicle never too far away.  We’re looking forward to the conditions that winter will throw our way this year – and hoping for cold and snow.  Join us.