So Many Reasons To Ride Wintertide

The Wintertide Ride is one of the more expensive single day rides on the calendar.  At $90 for the solo route and $70 for team members, we think it may be the best value of any single ride ever!  Here are just a few of the reasons the entry fee worth it -- and then some:

  1. Lots of trails you've never ridden.  We're confident that no matter how often you ride the trails of eastern Massachusetts, you'll be seeing many miles of woods you haven't ridden before.
  2. Among the best trails in New England.  Massachusetts offers variety unlike any other state in the area.  From access roads to primitive singletrack and everything in between. 
  3. Three big catered meals:  The odds are good that you will have a calorically positive day.  A big breakfast, all the lunch you can eat, and a dinner that will make you sleepy.  We focus on quality over quantity but we guarantee there will plenty for all.  The meals alone are worth the price of entry.  Organic-centric with options for vegetarians, vegans, and omnivores.
  4. We're riding through 18 towns!  The 90-mile route includes Sherborn, Holliston, Hopkington, Ashland, Southborough, Marlborough, Hudson, Stow, Maynard, Sudbury, Concord, Bedford, Lexington, Lincoln, Waltham, Weston, Wayland, and Framingham.
  5. 98% new roads and trails from last year's Wintertide:  Even if you rode last year, it'll feel all new.  New trails, different roads, and probably opposite conditions.
  6. The best support:  As with most OBC rides, we're providing you more support than you could possibly need.  Support comes in two forms:  vehicle and homes.  A roving support vehicle will be at random trailheads with everything necessary to keep you rolling -- including hot chocolate!  We've got warm homes on the route, and to start and finish, to help keep your spirits high.
  7. Weather conditions can't deter you.  We have planned stops every 15 miles so you can warm up and dry off as often as needed. 
  8. Ride the bike of your choice:  A mixed-terrain bike will work, regardless of the weather:  If we have a foot of snow, you can ride your fat bike on the trails and road.  Or, we have a route that will work for mixed-terrain bikes, with studded tires.
  9. Campfires!  We have a fire pit at home base and then, depending on the route distance you choose, one or two more fire pits along the route.
  10. It's not like any other Overland Event.  You may have ridden the Honey 100 but the Wintertide Ride is an entirely different animal.  We offer a much broader range of ride difficulties.  The weather alone makes the event something really special.  Lots of indoor rest stops, and so much more.
  11. Warm dry homes!  No matter how cold you get during the ride, we have indoor stops scheduled on the route every 15 miles.  For the 60 and 90 mile routes we also have multiple home stops where you can dry off some of your clothes, get a good hot meal, warm up your extremities by the fire, and then suit up for the next sector.
  12. A super support crew:  Marc, Chantal, and Rob will all be there to cook, support, and keep you rolling -- with big smiles.
  13. Test your mental and physical limits -- if you want:  This is a safe environment to push yourself in ways that you shouldn't do on a regular winter ride.  We have on trail vehicle support so if you get in over your head, we'll come get you.  And, since there are stops every 15 miles, you'll have plenty of chances to warm up, fuel up, and assess your equipment.
  14. A reason to ride in the winter:  Wintertide is the first big ride of the year.  We originally designed Wintertide as a tool to give people a reason to ride in the winter -- an excuse to train for a 90-mile snow ride.
  15. Three warm cafe stops on the 90-mile route.  The highlight is a stop at Ride Studio Cafe's spot:  Warm people, space heaters, and hot chocolate or caffeine.
  16. The coolest winter collar since last year's Wintertide Ride.  Handmade, fitted, and the softest merino wool.  Check it out.  It's worth doing the ride just to get this limited edition $65 collar at a discount.
  17. Lots of unknowns for you:  The weather, the route, the entire day.  We can't predict the weather but we can predict a great day of riding -- depending on the weather it's 50% dirt and 50% pavement or more pavement and less dirt; super fun and somewhat challenging either way.
  18. The ride starts from a new home base!  We've not rolled out from this home in Sherborn before.  It's a great place from which to begin the ride.

We hope at least a few of these reasons compel you to join us.  Get your bike tuned up, your mind in the right frame, and your winter gear laid out and organized; on February 18, we ride!