Wintertide As All About Warm Fires

Reason number nine to join us on the Wintertide Ride:  Campfires!  A warm fire on a cold day's ride is a moment of perfection.  Add hot chocolate to that, and we might never leave the fire pit.

Depending on the route distance you choose for Wintertide you'll have two, three, or four fire pits throughout the day.  Yes, multiple fires!

Fire pits on rides serve many purposes:  As a homing beacon, providing reflective meditative minutes, drying clothes and shoes, warming your body, mind, and spirit, sometimes cooking food, and maybe even making a s'more or two at the end of the ride.

This year the fires are likely to be more important than ever.

Get ready for the first big ride of the season.  Join the Wintertide Ride next Saturday, February 18.  Register on Bikereg.