Digression Ride 2017 Beneficiary: The Sherborn Forest & Trail Association

OBC recognizes how lucky we are to be based in an area of the country that is so committed to protecting the trails that we love to ride.  As our 2017 season kicks off, we are eager to support the work that these local groups are doing by donating proceeds from the upcoming Digression Ride to these dedicated groups. Overland will be donating half of the proceeds from the Digression Ride to The Sherborn Forest and Trail Association to help continue their important work from which we all benefit.  
The Sherborn Forest & Trail Association has been protecting and maintaining the open spaces of Sherborn and surrounding towns for the past 50 years.  As an entirely volunteer organization, all monies raised go directly to the purchase of additional open spaces in Sherborn, to maintain these public lands and to programs promoting enjoyment of the forests.  

The Association is deeply committed to protecting access to trails and preserving trail connections. To this end, they host trail maintenance and clean up days throughout the year, engaging locals to help maintain safe, clear, well connected trails throughout Sherborn and neighboring towns.

In addition to the trail maintenance that the Association provides, they sponsor a variety of outdoor recreational events to engage local residents in utilizing the open spaces they protect.  Guide-led walks through the public lands of Sherborn, canoe excursions, horse rides, mountain bike rides, and a hunter pace for local equestrians are among their regular calendar offerings.

We encourage you to learn more about the important work that The Sherborn Forest and Trails Association is doing, and support their efforts, as we all benefit. 

Thank you to all of the volunteers of The Sherborn Forest and Trails Association!