Dusk to Dawn Ride: BORRAX Approved

This Year's Dusk to Dawn Ride has made the list of BORRAX Qualifying Events.  In fact, we're honored to be the first listed event of the season.  We're humbled to be in the excellent company of great rides including D2R2, the Irreverent Road Ride, the Pemi-Baker Adventure Ronde, and four others.

The B & Off Road Randonneur Exemplar award recognizes "cyclists who challenge themselves to do hard things, specifically to finish the long dirt road cycling courses in New England."  Developed by Carl Ring -- of Pemi-Baker Adventure Ronde fame -- the BORRAX requires that riders complete at least four of the seven events in the challenging series.

Get the series started off right by registering for the Dusk to Dawn Ride on June 24 and 25.  We think the D2D is the most unusual ride of the series and a great way to begin the BORRAX season!  Why is Dutodari unusual when compared to the other rides on the list?  Here are a few reasons:

  • Riding all night
  • 85% of the dirt is singletrack rather than dirt roads
  • Average time per mile; most riders will complete the 90-miles in about 9-12 hours.  There's a 60-mile version, too.
  • 3:00 am fire and barbecue dinner -- really dinfast or brinner depending on when you arrive at the fire stop
  • Lots of onroute support -- and sag wagon available.  Push your limits in a safe environment.

Join us on the D2D -- sign up as a team or ride indy -- you won't regret it.  And you'll learn something about yourself -- and what it takes to earn the BORRAX Award!

As a special offer to D2D registrants, the first 10 riders that sign up for the BORRAX get $10 off registration for the Pemi-Baker Adventure Ronde!

Learn more about the BORRAX Award at Pedaling Squares