Trail Stewards

Diverged Ride: We Are All Trail Stewards

One of the new aspects, of many, for the 2016 Diverged Ride is that we're raising funds for some local trail groups.

When you register for the Diverged Ride, every single dollar of your registration goes directly to the groups that work hard to keep the local trails open -- excluding the Bikereg service fee.  Overland Base Camp is taking zero dollars from your registration.  We're covering all the costs of this project -- including food, RSC's time, rider leader support, and coordinating with the conservation stewards.

Here are the three groups that will be receiving your registration investment:

There are dozens of trail, path, and open space groups worth donating money to.  We decided to limit our list to three so that we can donate a meaningful amount to each.  We chose these specific three because Diverged relies on the trails these groups steward.

Why, you might ask, do participants that register for a team get a $5 discount?  Good question.  Our logic is that teams will bring more riders to the Diverged; more riders mean more funds to donate, so a small discount to incent riders to bring friends is a good investment to increase the total dollars raised for the cause.

Register for the Diverged Ride and help protect our trail resources!