Thank you for checking out our website to learn more about our upcoming rides including the Honey 100, the Formidable, and Wintertide.

Because you're a reader of Singletracks, and therefore we assume a friend of NEMBA, use the associated code and receive a 10% discount when you register for any of these rides.

If you enjoy riding mountain bikes, cyclocross, or any kind of mixed-terrain, we're sure that at least one of the rides will be interesting for you.  We hope you'll join us!

Here are the next Overland events:

  • August 26:  The Honey 100 is a mixed-terrain ride with three distance options of 100-miles, 100 km, and 50 km.  Fun and all rideable.  Discount Code:  nembah17
  • October 14:  The Formidable is the toughest ride in Massachusetts, and all three routes include a climb up Mount Greylock.  The routes are 160 and 100 mile road rides.  There's also a 120 mile mixed-terrain ride.  Discount Code:  nemba317
  • February 10, 2018:  The Wintertide Ride is unlike any other event.  We have three routes of 90-miles, 60-miles, and 45-miles each.  We ride regardless of weather conditions -- whether there's two-feet or snow or it's 55 degrees out and sunny.  Every year we've run the ride it's been completely different.  Join us to find out what it's like this coming February.  Discount Code:  nembawt17

Put a team together and ride with your friends, or ride our Indy category so you can roll at your own pace and take in the peaceful terrain.

If this sounds interesting to you, register or email us with questions. Space is limited so sign up today!  We look forward to seeing you at Base Camp.

Don't forget to use your NEMBA discount code!