We have one last request before we wrap up the Maneha 250 project:  Will you provide us feedback so we can make the event better for 2016?  Some participants have already given us feedback, and some people may prefer to not give any feedback.  However, if you haven't already, we'd love to hear your thoughts.

We've kept this survey very simple.  We thought about categorizing by the route, setting of expectations by Overland, rider support, overall value, division and category options, food, camping, Mayfair Farm, 2-days, Overland's promises vs. reality, time of year, etc. - but we'd rather you tell us what you care about, instead of us trying to force you to provide answers about everything.

We love positive feedback!  We also want constructive feedback for making the event better.  Don't hold back.  We look forward to your thoughts.

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