Eagerly Awaited: The Maneha 250

The Maneha 250 seems to define Overland Base Camp in many ways.  The ride is really challenging, it includes camping, offers lots of great food, provides a route that you will never forget, and is just different from what people expect.

With that in mind, the 2016 Maneha 250 is scheduled, planned, and it's time to register!

Event Details here:  2016 Maneha 250

Register here:  Bikereg.com

The 2016 Maneha is bigger than ever.  We've made a lot of changes from last year.  We've got more options for riding than ever before; this year we're offering:

  • Solo Rider:  You're relying on yourself but you can certainly ride with others.  You have to have a SPOT tracker -- you can rent one from us or bring your own.
  • Team:  You can ride with teams of 3 to 6 riders.  The entry fee is a bit less and you can share SPOT trackers.
  • One-Way:  It's still early in the season so some people chose to make the ride up and get shuttled back home the next day.  This is a good option if this type of ride is new for you.  Do not take the one-way lightly.  Riding 125 miles of mixed-terrain in a single day is very, very challenging.
  • Bikepacking:  For those survivalists or riders testing equipment for Tour Divide or other big projects, the bikepacking category provide a good opportunity to fine-tune your equipment list and test your theories and assumptions about how best to be self-sufficient.  
  • Superflyweight:  This is the category for riders that want to fly on the trails.  125 miles is a very long day no matter how light you travel.  The Superflyweight is the most popular category.

We hope that you can find a category that suits you well.

We strongly recommend that you don't miss out on this ride.  If there is one mixed-terrain adventure to participate in for 2016, we think this is the one.

If you joined us last year for the Maneha 250, and you want to ride with us again, you'll receive a 20% discount on the entry fee.  Contact us for your discount code.  Don't worry, the route is different so it'll feel like an entirely new event.  And we have some changes planned for the overnight.

We hope to see you on the Maneha trails. 

Email us with any questions about the event.