All Conditions & Wintertide: What's What

The All Conditions Ride and the Wintertide Ride seem similar, on the surface:  Both are wintertime rides; both rides happen regardless of weather conditions; both rides will likely be tests of rider mettle.

Aside from that, the rides are very different.  At its most basic, The Wintertide Ride offers a lot more than the All Conditions Ride:  Wintertide is an all day ride, has full vehicle and technical support throughout the day, full hot meals for the entire event -- including breakfast, lunch, dinner, and trail food and hot drinks, and it has an entry fee.

Here are some examples of ways in which the two events differ.

Aspect of the EventAll Conditions RideWintertide Ride
Event DetailsRead all about it: All Conditions RideRead all about it: Wintertide Ride
Where do I sign up?RSVP at Ride Studio CafeWintertide Ride on
Who do I contact if I have questions?Email to: Ride Studio CafeEmail to: Overland Base Camp
Ride Type Mixed-terrain, fine-tuned based on real-time weather conditions. Locale: Exurban and suburban.
MissionTesting Equipment: Tires, bike, cothing, gumption -- and test riding bikes,if you're intersted.Testing Limits: Your limits, riding boundaries, climate extremes, edges of endurance.
Time & DistanceTime: About 2.5 to 3.5 hours depending on the pace of the group you chooseDistance: 90 miles, 60 miles, and 45 miles. The 45 mile ride is likely to take about 5-7 hours to complete. The 90 mile route will take most riders about 11-15 hours to complete.
Number of rides or groupsThree pace optionsTwo categories with three distance options: Team & Solo
How challenging is this ride?Anyone that's ridden a Ride Studio mixed-terrain ride will be fine -- if you've got the right ride equipment for winter riding.This is a very challenging ride. For many riders you'll be starting before sunrise and returning after dark. It requires fortitude that not every rider has.
Ideal bike Very much weather dependent. Fundamentally a minimum of 40c tires and gearing of close to a 1:1 ratio.
Requirements to participate
  • A proper bike and proper tires. However, you may be able to borrow a test bike from Ride Studio for this event.
  • Proper winter clothing
See the full list of requirements here. The short version is:
  • A proper bike and proper tires
  • Proper lights
  • GPS unit
  • Backup battery system
  • Proper clothing for a 12-hour day
Rider SupportGroups of riders, route, a warm place to start and endVehicle support throughout the ride. Multiple supported stops. Wood fires at multiple stops.
Opportunities to warm upOur route comes close to some cafes so if needed, we can stop at multiple places.Overland's trademark warm wood fires at multiple stops. Multiple cafe stops, too.
Food & DrinkThe Studio will have their standard fare available for purchase: Caffeinated drinks and light food.Full hot breakfast spread, warm lunch on the trail, full hot dinner after the ride, and multiple stops with trail food and hot drinks along the way.
CostZero dollars.Average registration fee $100, depending on category and registration date. The investment covers three meals and snacks, all day rider support, warm locations, real wood fires, and experiences you won't have anywhere else.

We hope this is helpful.  Don't hesitate to contact us with any questions.