Wintertide Ride Is Ready. Are You?

Some of the funnest rides we've ever done have been on the harshest winter days.  We're looking to extend the fun and challenge this winter with the Wintertide Ride event.

Early registration ends this weekend on December 21.  Register before Sunday evening to receive a $20 to $50 discount.

This ride happens on 20 February 2016.  It's an all day event with lots of hot food, many stops along the way, and a few wood fires.

Part of what makes this ride interesting is that we won't know what the weather will look like.  Bike setup, clothing requirements, and mental preparation will all vary quite a bit depending on Dame Nature.

When you register for the event you'll receive tips and tricks regarding how to stay warm -- even while wet, how to keep your electronics running in sub-freezing weather, and a lot more.

This is the first big ride of the season.  Don't miss out on what is also one of the most interesting events of the year.  We hope to see you and you breath out on the trail.