Season Opener: All Conditions Ride

The 2016 riding season is just about upon us, and in contradiction, the winter is nearly here.  

We're ready for both, and we've got a plan.  We're collaborating on the first big organized ride of 2016:  The All Conditions Ride.  This ride combines some of our favorites:

  • Riding mixed-terrain
  • Riding in unpredictable conditions
  • Riding urban and exurban trails and back alleys
  • Riding new bikes -- demo bikes
  • Riding with our friends at Ride Studio Cafe

The list of reasons to ride goes on and on.  The big question is, will January 23 look like this...

Or will January 23 look like this...

Of course we won't know the weather and trail conditions until a few days prior to the ride.  That's part of the fun of winter riding.

Because this is the season opener, RSC has some interesting ideas and incentives planned:

  • Demo bikes available:  They have about a dozen bikes that are available for test on this ride.  Of course, weather conditions will dictate the ideal bike setup but we're expecting some kind of snow or ice.  If that's true, the Studio has a number of fat bikes and studded tire mixed-terrain bikes available and ideally suited for the harshest of conditions.  Contact Ride Studio Cafe if you'd like to reserve a bike for the ride.
  • Urban-ish route.  We're staying near civilization so we're never too far from a cafe with warm drinks available.  So, regardless of the temperature, we won't freeze.  We guarantee a fun route in any weather.
  • Special offer to help you prepare for the cold season:  Free installation of studded tires.  For any studded tires you purchase from Ride Studio Cafe prior to the All Conditions Ride, RSC will install them for free; this is a  $24 value.  Contact RSC to reserve your tires.

Ride Logistics

When:  January 23, 2016.  We roll at 9:30 am.

Where:  Departing from Ride Studio Cafe

Route Details

  • Time:  We expect the ride to take about 2.5 to 3.5 hours.  This includes warm-up stops at cafes.  Distance will be determined by weather conditions.
  • Terrain:  Mixed terrain, weather dependent.  Not too hilly.
  • Territory:  Suburban, exurban, and urban.  Weather conditions will impact the territory in which we ride.


This is a warm up for the first all-day ride of 2016, happening in February:  Overland's Wintertide Ride.  Don't miss either ride.  We're making sure that the 2016 cycling season comes in with a roar.  Ride and roar with us.