The March Migration Project Is On

The March Migration Project is a bike tour unlike any other.  The Migration includes seven days of extensive mixed-terrain riding in some amazing places.  The Migration also includes good food, good company, and lots of sleep between rides.  And it's all happening close to home in central Georgia, USA.

We chose Georgia for many reasons, including:

  1. Fantastic singletrack.  Great dirt roads.  Excellent pavement.  Some of the longest continuous rideable tracks we’ve ever done.  You can read the daily ride itinerary here.
  2. Easy journey.  It's a very short flight.  It requires no acclimation.  Has no jet lag.  No time lost means more time riding.  It's also an inexpensive journey.  
  3. Warmer than New England.  For example, typically about 20 degrees warmer than Boston. Middle March in Georgia offers a daytime high of about 65-70 degrees.

One of the secret dirt roads you'll be riding in Georgia.

What Is Included in the March Migration Project?

  • Seven days of amazing riding.  You can read the daily riding itinerary here.
  • All accommodations for six evenings and seven days.
  • All food and drink:  Breakfasts, on-bike foods, lunches, snacks, dinners.  
  • A custom special edition Overland Migration jersey.
  • Two full-time ride guides:  We have additional rider support people, too.
  • Support vehicle that follows along the route each day.
  • Mechanical bike support.  On-staff full-time mechanic always available.  Your bike will be maintained and tuned each evening.
  • And lots more.  See full details here.

The price of this seven-day all inclusive trip ranges from $2,695 to $3,395.  We have a few spots still available.  We hope you'll join us!  Contact us with questions.

One and done:  This is a one-time project.  Don’t say, “I’ll do it next year.”  Because there will be no next year.  Once we’ve done this, it’s not happening again.  If you miss it, you’ve missed it forever.

Here's one of the transition points between stunning singletrack to more dirt road.  An abandoned silo stands watch over our group.