Diverged Ride: Fundraising Total

The Diverged Ride fundraiser brought in a total of $3,167.  

This exceeded our hopes.

Thank you to very single person that registered for the Diverged Ride 2016!  We'll write about the ride and people's photos, stories, and feedback in a subsequent post.  For the moment, we want to get the dollars raised squared away.

Here are the fully transparent details of the funds raised:

  • 74 Guided Group riders that paid $25 each:  $1,850
  • 25 Solo riders that paid $25 each:  $625
  • 12 Team riders that paid $20 each:  $240
  • Total service fees taken by Bikereg:  $319.90
  • Sum total:  From Bikereg registrations:  $2,405.10
  • 8 Ride Navigators for which Overland covered the cost of entry:  $200
  • Overland covered the cost of Bikereg fees and are putting those dollars into the trail stewards fund:  $319.90
  • Overland is donating an additional $2 per person:  121 riders x $2 = $242
  • Total donation amount:  $3,167

Each fund received 1/3 of the total:  $1,055.67

Checks to those groups will be mailed during the week of 25 April.  The three groups are:

Thank you again to everyone that rode with us.

Thank you to the Navigators that lead groups through the foggy confusing trails.

Thank you to Ride Studio Cafe for hosting us.  All their rides are well worth participating in.

Thank you to the trail stewards that enable us to make rides like the Diverged possible.

We hope to see you again at next year's Diverged.  In the meantime, join us for the Maneha 250  on May 14 &15 and the Dusk to Dawn ride on June 25 & 26.  They are the best of New England Riding.