Maneha 250 Route Updates

The 2016 Maneha 250 route is about 40% new trails, dirt roads, and pavement compared to last year.  This is true for the northbound and southbound routes.  If you think you know the Maneha, you don't.  So many miles of new ground and secluded pavement.  We've invested many hours in scouting for 2016; it's paid of handsomely -- join us and find out first hand!

Northbound Route

The northbound route has some new trails and roads as it heads out of Lexington toward New Hampshire.  And, from about mile 60 to the finish it's nearly entirely different.  We've reduced the final miles of climbing; there's still a lot, but nothing so steep as last year and not quite so many feet of climbing per mile.  

Rappel Route

The southbound route -- the Rappel -- takes a different exit from New Hampshire.  We've include a lot more dirt road in the first 60 miles.  The route through Massachusetts includes some of the singletrack from last year and some new hidden gems as well.


There's still time to register at  We hope you'll join us for this unique event.  Don't say you'll, "do it next year" -- if you know anything about Overland Base Camp, odds are the Maneha will morph into something entirely different yet again.  Mark our words.  

Join us!