Maneha One-Way Rides

The Maneha 250:  Riding 250 miles of mixed-terrain in 36-hours is a challenge.  This being early season makes it even more challenging because not everyone has a lot of miles in their legs yet.

This is way we offer a one-way ride version of the Maneha:  The Maneha 125.  We offer two options for the 125-mile single-day ride:

Option One:  Saturday Maneha 125

Route Description:  This is the northbound route from Lexington, MA to Harrisville, NH.  This route has more climbing and slightly more singletrack than the Sunday route.

Grand Depart:  Ride Studio Cafe, In Lexington, at 5:30 am.  You can also roll out anytime prior to 9:00 am.

What's included:  Everything that's included in the Maneha 250 -- including breakfast on Saturday, trail food during the ride, dinner at Mayfair Farm, a reserved campsite, and breakfast on Sunday morning at the Farm.  And, of course, route support during the entire ride.

Overnight:  When you get to the finish, you'll camp out on Saturday night with everyone.  The reason for this is that we can't be sure when each rider will arrive at the finish.  Fast riders will show up around 4:00 pm.  Many riders will arrive closer to 7:00 or 8:00 pm -- so, no shuttle going home on Saturday evening.  Of course, if you have a significant other coming up to meet you, that person can drive you home whenever you'd like.

Getting Home:  We're shuttling you back to Ride Studio Cafe on Sunday morning.  Shuttle departs at 7:00 am.  You'll arrive at Ride Studio Cafe at about 9:30 am.

Option Two:  Sunday Maneha 125

Route Description:  This is the southbound route from New Hampshire back to Lexington, MA.   This route has more descending than climbing -- because it's coming from New Hampshire -- and slightly less singletrack than the Sunday ride.  This route is a bit faster in total hours than Saturday's route.

Grand Depart:  Mayfair Farm in New Hampshire at 6:30 am.  You can roll out anytime prior to 8:00 am.

Overnight:  The overnight is optional.  However, because the ride departs at 6:30 am, we strongly recommend that riders join us for the overnight and have both dinner and breakfast at the Farm; it'll be memorable.  A second option is that, if you prefer, you can drive up to the Farm on Sunday morning but you have to arrive by 5:45 am to register and for the pre-ride meeting prior to the Grand Depart.  A third option is to you have your significant other come up with you on Saturday evening for dinner, camp out, and breakfast the next morning.  Fun for all!  

What's included:  Nearly everything that's included in the Maneha 250 -- including dinner at Mayfair Farm on Saturday night, a reserved campsite, breakfast on Sunday morning at the Farm, trail foods along the route, and some post ride snacks back in Lexington, MA.  Of course we include ride support throughout the entire route.

Getting To the Start at Mayfair Farm:  We're shuttling riders up to the Farm on Saturday at 3:30 pm from Ride Studio Cafe.  You'll arrive at the Farm by about 5:30 pm for a relaxing dinner, camp set up, and a big fire with some tall tales from the trails.  Alternatively, you can come up with your significant other and spend the evening together with the riders.  The third option is to have someone drive you up on Sunday morning, but you have to arrive at the Farm by 5:45 am for registration and the pre-ride meeting.

Register For Either Day -- Or Both

Register for either of these at

If you've already registered for the Maneha 250, and you're thinking 125 might be a better idea, email us; we're happy to accommodate -- we just have to know by the end of the day, Tuesday, May 10.