The Honey 100 or 101?

This year Overland has expanded its Honey Ride offerings to included a new ride called the Honey 101.  We've been doing the Honey 100 for five years now and it's grown large enough that we wanted to expand the offerings.

What's the difference between the 100 and the 101 you might ask?

Location, Location, Location

The 101 rolls out from Sherborn, Massachusetts -- Sort of in the southeastern part of the state.  The 100 is more central-eastern part of Massachusetts.  Riding south of the Mass Pike is a completely different kind of terrain than riding north of the pike.  Don't miss either.

Comparing the 100 and the 101

Apsect of the RideHoney 100Honey 101
Ride DateAugust 13, SaturdayJuly 31, Sunday
Event DetailsHoney 100Honey 101
Registration Link100 on Bikereg101 on Bikereg
LocationLexington, MA at Ride Studio CafeSherborn, MA at Ride Headquarters
Trails & RoadsTime spent on trails and roads is about 50:50. Exurban and suburban roads of mixed quality; some traffic. Trails of all types; 99.9% rideable with the right bike setup. On the trails we expect to see some walkers and dogs. A fair amount of poison ivy along the trails.For the 101 km distance, time spend on trails and roads is about 50:50. On the 51 km ride, time spent on trails and roads is about 40:60. Quiet exurban and rural roads. Trails that are ridden less often and therefore a bit more primitive than the Honey 100. On the positive side, we'll see very few walkers and dogs on the trails. Less used means more primitive. We have the trails to ourselves. Barely any poison ivy. Lots of blueberries along some of the trails. Trails are 99.7% rideable with the right bike setup.
IncentivesRegister for the Honey 101 and you'll receive a discount code for $20 off for the Honey 100!

Email us with any questions.  We' hope you'll join us -- for both rides!