Spot Trackers

For certain OBC events, we require that riders or teams use a Spot Tracker.  The SPOT device provides OBC the ability to keep track of your progress through satellite technology.  So even when your cell phone has no bars, we can see just where you are.  This is important so that our team can provide you with the best support and most importantly, find you if you get in trouble.  Several of our annual events traverse through areas with little to no cell service, making safety a key issue while supporting our riders.  In the event of an emergency, with one push of a button, any rider can alert the OBC team as well as local authorities that they are in need of emergency medical help.

The Spot technology also provides public tracking so your friends and family can follow your progress on your ride.  Our Spot-tracked rides are displayed on a website given out only to those who you choose to share it with, protecting our rider’s privacy while providing loved ones with piece of mind on some of our more rural and challenging rides.

Don’t have a Spot?  Don’t worry, OBC can rent you a Spot Tracker for any of our events.

Spot-tracked rides sound like just what you are looking for on your next riding adventure?  Check out our Maneha 250 and Dusk to Dawn rides.