What Is A Manehan Road?

The Maneha 250 is known for its diverse mix of every type of terrain that New Hampshire and Massachusetts have to offer.

New for 2017 we've added a Manehan Road Ride.  What is this?  It's not what you think.

"A Manehan Road any road or track that a reasonably seasoned road rider on a road bike with 28c tires could reasonably ride."

It's all very reasonable. 

However, aside from the obvious pavement you've probably seen before, the 2017 Manehan Road Ride offers surfaces including:

  • A fair amount of really nice dirt roads -- the kind that New Hampshire spoon feeds riders every day. 
  • Some dirt tracks that motorized vehicles are not allowed on but are very rideable and quiet.
  • Some doubletrack that gets barely used.
  • A few throughways that get a tad technical -- but very brief.
  • Pineneedle lined paths that call out to be ridden.
  • Really rough paved roads that are barely used by any vehicles.  Potholes for all!

If you're a seasoned road rider and are rolling with 25c tires or, better yet, 28c tires, you'll most likely make it through the 125 mile route without incident.  Some of our favorite rides have been on these types of back roads and tracks that see little use.  The right tires on your favorite road bike provide the makings of the Ride Of The Season.

The Road Ride is 250 miles round trip, just like the mixed-terrain route.  The single day options are about 125 miles each.  It's all the fun of the mixed-terrain route in less time, which means more time for food, beer, and channeling Doctor Dolittle at the farm.

Choose the Maneha Mixed or the Manehan Road Ride.  They're both well worth the time.  And really, you don't have to choose because you can mix and match the routes.  Do the Mixed on the way up; do the Road Ride on the way home.  Or vice versa.  There is no wrong answer -- except for not joining us for the 2017 Maneha 250.

Be forewarned, this could be the final running of the Maneha 250.  If you miss it this year you may have missed it forever.