Diverged Ride Rain Delay

It was bound to happen at some point.  After five awesome years of the Diverged Ride, nature has decided to share lots of rain yesterday and today. 

For that reason, we've rescheduled the ride to Saturday, May 6.  We're actually offering three options as alternatives:

  1. Ride with us on Saturday, May 6
  2. Ride with us on the Digression Ride -- we'll transfer your entry from Diverged to Digression
  3. We can provide you a refund if you're unable to ride with us on April 29 or May 6.  However, your entry fee is going to worthy causes that can still use all of our help, if you're willing to let it ride.  So far we've generated just over $2,000 in entry fees and t-shirt sales -- 100% of which are going to three advocacy and conservation groups.  We'll post details of this soon.

While it is disappointing that we can't ride tomorrow, it reinforces the frailness of singletrack and the respect that dame nature deserves.  Rain also reminds us of our responsibility to care for the trails and ensure they're here for generations to come.  The whole point of Diverged and Digression is to raise funds to help protect the earth, while having a blast on our favorite dirt. 

Diverged is a mix of trail celebration and trail protection. 

So, of course, we won't be riding the trails on Saturday because they'll still be very wet.

We know this is an inconvenience.  In spite of this, we hope you'll join us because this year's Diverged offers quite a route.  For example, the long route -- 46 miles -- is 93% within the confines of Lexington and Waltham.  And not all the trails you expect, we hope.

If you're not able to join us on May 6, we invite you to transfer your Diverged registration to the Digression Ride.

Email us with any questions or to transfer your registration to Digression.  Otherwise we hope to see you on May 6!