Diverged Ride Rain Delay

It was bound to happen at some point.  After five awesome years of the Diverged Ride, nature has decided to share lots of rain yesterday and today. 

For that reason, we've rescheduled the ride to Saturday, May 6.  We're actually offering three options as alternatives:

  1. Ride with us on Saturday, May 6
  2. Ride with us on the Digression Ride -- we'll transfer your entry from Diverged to Digression
  3. We can provide you a refund if you're unable to ride with us on April 29 or May 6.  However, your entry fee is going to worthy causes that can still use all of our help, if you're willing to let it ride.  So far we've generated just over $2,000 in entry fees and t-shirt sales -- 100% of which are going to three advocacy and conservation groups.  We'll post details of this soon.

While it is disappointing that we can't ride tomorrow, it reinforces the frailness of singletrack and the respect that dame nature deserves.  Rain also reminds us of our responsibility to care for the trails and ensure they're here for generations to come.  The whole point of Diverged and Digression is to raise funds to help protect the earth, while having a blast on our favorite dirt. 

Diverged is a mix of trail celebration and trail protection. 

So, of course, we won't be riding the trails on Saturday because they'll still be very wet.

We know this is an inconvenience.  In spite of this, we hope you'll join us because this year's Diverged offers quite a route.  For example, the long route -- 46 miles -- is 93% within the confines of Lexington and Waltham.  And not all the trails you expect, we hope.

If you're not able to join us on May 6, we invite you to transfer your Diverged registration to the Digression Ride.

Email us with any questions or to transfer your registration to Digression.  Otherwise we hope to see you on May 6!  

Diverged and Digression: Which is Which?

Sure, both rides sound kind of the same.  They're both mixed-terrain rides, too.  And, both rides raise funds for good causes:  Protecting our trails and keeping our roads safe. But that's where the similarities end and the divergent adventure begins.

Riding one "D" doesn't mean you should skip the other.  It's not D vs. D, it's D & D.  Both rides are very different.  At their most basic:

Diverged is one thousand swooping turns on neighborhood trails and roads. 
Digression is hidden primordial trails and seldom traveled roads.

Join us and find out what this means -- and why both rides are awesome!

"I think we're lost again."   -- Bobbie V.

"I think we're lost again."  -- Bobbie V.

In addition to great rides, this year we're offering a limited edition OBC Outdoor Ally t-shirt.  It's only available for purchase by registrants of either Diverged or Digression.  The shirt is more than cool and more than worth the price.  OF course, all proceeds from the shirts go to the groups indicated below.

Here's an overview of the key differences between the rides.  Questions?  Give us a call, (617) 991-0640, or email.

EventDiverged RideDigression Ride
Ride dateSaturday, 22 April 2017Saturday, 29 April 2017
Event detailsRead all about it: Diverged Ride. OBC's funnest ride of the season.Read all about it: Digression Ride. OBC's most primordial ride of the season.
Registration fee -- 100% of which goes to protecting our riding spaces
  • Indy Rider: $25
  • Guided Group Participant: $25 each
  • Team Member: $20 each
Where do I sign up?Diverged Ride RegistrationDigression Ride Registration
Where does my registration fee go?100% of your registration fee goes directly to Lexington Conservation Stewards and MassBike.100% of your registration fee goes directly to Sherborn Forest and Trail Association and MassBike.
Ride typeMixed-terrain: About 60% trails and 40% pavement. Well worn trails that snake around and around. 1,000 turns. Never far from the start.Mixed-terrain: About 50% pavement and 50% trails. Some primitive trails seldom used. Very few hikers along the way. We own the trails.
How challenging is this ride?We rate the Diverged routes as a 4 on a technical scale of 1-10 -- 10 being the most difficult. The trails are well worn with lots of turns. About 60 feet of climbing per mile. We rate the Digression routes as a 5 on a technical scale of 1-10. Overall, Digression is slightly more technical than Diverged. The trails are more primitive and with more obstacles. About 60 feet of climbing per mile but the Digression routes tend to feel hillier than the Diverged routes.
Ideal bikeA mixed-terrain or cyclocross bike that fits between 33c and 40c tires. Compact gearing will be appreciated. Drop bars recommended. Clip in pedals and shoes required.
Distance & durationThree distances: 16, 38, & 46 miles. Multiple pace options for each ride. Ride duration: Between 2 and 6 hours depending on the pace of the group you choose.Two distances: 22 & 38 miles. Multiple pace options for each ride. Duration: Between 2.5 and 5 hours depending on the pace of the group you choose.
Ride category options
  • Indy Rider: Roll-out when you want; ride at the pace you prefer.
  • Guided Group Member: Choose a predetermined start time; stay with the group.
  • Team Member: You choose and register as a team; We'll provide you a start time.
Requirements to participate
  • A proper bike -- indicated above
  • A proper tool kit -- A comprehensive list is here
  • A good attitude and sense of adventure
  • For Indy or Team riders: A GPS unit and knowledge of how to use it on trails.
Commemorative offeringDiverged Outdoor Ally T-Shirt. Limited Edition -- available for registrants only. $30 price; all proceeds go to the trail fund.Digression Outdoor Ally T-Shirt. Limited Edition -- available for registrants only. $30 price; all proceeds go to the trail fund.
Food & drinkAfter the ride: Light lunch, treats, and drinks served -- included with registration fee.

Join us for Diverged or Digression.  Or, rightfully, both!  We hope to see you smiling on the trails we all protect and respect.