Manehan Weather is Always Perfect

Since most of our bike rides are mixed-terrain weather is a concern. OBC is always careful about protecting the trails in wet weather.  We don't want our rides to get rained out but sometimes, like the OBC Diverged Ride this year, it happens and we're forced to reschedule.


For this weekend's Maneha 250, the weather looks awesome.  High 60's and clear -- no plans for rain.  However...

If we do find any weather, the Manehan Road route is rideable in any conditions.  Before you say, "I didn't sign up for a road ride."  We guarantee that you'll see plenty of amazing dirt on the Manehan Road Route.  We're really excited about how it's come together.  Lots of varied dirt roads and some very memorable terrain.  The difference between the mixed-terrain and the road route is that the roads are not protected or sensitive to water. 

Register.  We promise that you won't be disappointed.

We look forward to seeing you this weekend for the ride of the year.